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Greetings from MOAB, Utah - A hot week painting our in the desert with some special guests, Pine and Palm Journal

When plans for our Salt Lake City mural got pushed back (hopefully to 2020), we went back to our original idea of painting in Moab since we had all the paint ready to go. Driving into Moab for the second time, we knew what we were in for. A small, fun town sandwiched between prime national and state parks of Utah. The location was perfect for us since we love the outdoors and Moab was just the right kind of town.

Earlier in the year, we were parked in New Orleans when we spotted a Moab Cyclery van. We met the driver, Kenny, told him about our project and how we wanted to paint one in Utah. He ran around town helping us scout several locations and eventually passed along contacts at Moab Arts & Rec. Together, we found the perfect wall that stands out right when you enter town. Tyson, the 2nd generation owner of Bowen Motel, gave us permission to paint on his building and graciously put us up for a week with much needed air conditioning.


Our Greetings from Moab mural was inspired by the colors of the sandstone, natural elements from the parks and the outdoor recreation that people travel from all over the world for. Victor pushed himself on the details of each letter, painted all with spray paint. 

Delicate Arch, Hells Revenge (an iconic 4x4 trail), Dead Horse Point/Canyonlands, and Wall Street (a climbing spot next to the Colorado River) are all landmark locations close to Moab. The average temperature was 103 degrees. Luckily the sun arched above the motel all day, giving us the perfect amount of shade on the wall.

Our special guests, Pine and Palm Journal braved the heat and came in from Los Angeles. They joined us for 4 days, shooting behind the scenes video of this mural and to tell the story of Greetings Tour. They make incredible work and we’re stoked to see what they make! While they were here, we got to do a morning hike to Delicate Arch, swim in Kens Lake, checked out Wall Street and a few other parks in the area.

Thank you to Tyson, Liz, Kenny and all the people that stopped by to learn about our project. An extra special thank you to True and Anthony of Pine and Palm Journal for joining us. We’ll see you out there on the road!



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Letter Guide:

M — Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)

O — Hell’s Revenge 4x4 Trail / La Sal Mountains

A — Dead Horse Point State Park / Mountain Biker

B — Wall Street Climber/ Colorado River Rafters


Location: 169 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

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