Springfield, OH


Greetings from Springfield, the home of our fifth mural in Ohio!

The Springfield Foundation got in touch with an idea to carry out their mission which is: raising and distributing permanent funds to improve the quality of life for residents of Clark County. We were honored to provide them with a bright postcard mural to brighten up downtown Springfield. Alongside a few other projects, we were excited to be a part of all the good change happening around town.


After checking into the hotel, we toured around town before getting to work. We immediately noticed the charm and character on the historic buildings like pictorial stained glass and gorgeous architecture from the early 1900’s. On Saturday, we checked out their weekend Farmer’s Market, Annual Food Truck Competition at Veteran’s Park and got all the food tips from the locals. Our favorite spots in town ended up being Salato Deli.

Victoria Richards from the Springfield Foundation had primed the wall and delivered lifts for us so we were ready to go! She provided a staging area since we didn’t have the RV containing all our supplies, which was extremely helpful throughout the week. After extending the background a couple feet, we tried a new tool to lay down the blue background. The paint sprayer saved hours of work and sore muscles the next day from our previous method of rolling bucket paint. Although cleaning the sprayer took up some time. After two days of prepping and painting the background and outline, we were ready for our guests to arrive.


We previously worked with Often Seen Rarely Spoken before on our Louisville mural and they killed it. We knew we only a had a week to complete the mural with flights to catch after. They are dependable artists who know what they’re doing and this mural wouldn’t have gotten done in time without them! Thank you Ian, Jacob, Jeremy and Max for coming out to Springfield to paint with us!

Letter Guide:

S — Symphony in the Park

P — Symphony in the Park

R — Farmers Market

I — Farmers Market

N — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park

G — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park

F — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park

I — Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

E — Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

L — Hartman Rock Garden

D — Hartman Rock Garden

Background — Heritage Center, Roses, Crow


Location: 22 N Fountain Ave, Springfield, OH 45502

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Lisa Beggs