Greetings From...


From our rooftop in Chinatown during Fall of 2014, we painted this one for ourselves to mark the start of this mural project.  How we got the idea of Greetings Tour is hard to pinpoint, but it went something like this: Returning from a West Coast road trip (Summer 2014) that we didn't want to end, we were inspired to make a lifestyle change.  We envied people traveling the states and working from the road, so we put our professional backgrounds together and created the Greetings Tour.  

Considering positive reactions from previous Greetings murals Victor had done for Redhook and Chinatown, we both knew it was possible to share this with other states in the USA. If we were going to leave New York City for somewhere else, it had to be in exchange for everywhere else. 

The beginning is when we really tried to do a KickStarter and get sponsors, but we failed at both of those things.  We didn't want to wait around to get someone else's approval so we took a huge risk purchasing an RV and packing life into it.  Leaving a few items in storage at Victor's Queens apartment, we drove away from New York City in April of 2015.  The original goal was to last one year on the road, but now painting and traveling the USA is our life indefinitely.