Redhook, NY

Greetings from Red Hook!  This mural happened a few months before the actual concept of Greetings Tour came about.  Victor's longtime friend, Emma who also grew up in New York City, reached out about her father, artist Beriah Wall, who needed some color on a blank public wall outside his studio.  We decided it would be a fun thing to do as a team, considering we had not been on a project together since the day we met.  Within one short day in Brooklyn, Greetings from Red Hook was born!

After lunch break we got a private tour of Beriah's life work of paintings, ceramics and coin making.  He shared the process of his clever double-sided coins he tosses all over the city for people to find.  If you live in New York, you have most likely seen them.  Sometimes political, sometimes not, but always a simple message he makes to share.  He later invited us to his house for a dinner with Emma to celebrate the mural. 


Letter Guide:

R - Redhook Anchor

E - Water Taxi

D - Local Redhook Soccer Fields

H - Lobster

O - The Redhook Grain Terminal Sunset

O - Redhook Houses

K - Bike Culture