Chinatown, NY

Greetings From Chinatown, NY!  Technically, this mural was many years in the making.  Victor repeatedly attempted permission to paint this wall for quite some time without any luck.  Finally, he approached the business owner with a community affairs officer from the 5th precinct and was granted permission.  Thank you Detective Vincent Cheung for helping out on this!  

Once we started painting, everyone in the community got behind the idea.  The owners of the market where the mural is located would come out to check progress and take photos to show their families.  Special thanks to sponsors Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and TsingTao Beer for supporting a long time dream. 

Being in Chinatown, this mural has taken quite the beating from city pollution.  While in town during the Summer of 2017, we decided it was important to rejuvenate the mural. It means a lot to us, since it sparked the idea of what we do.  Throughout the years of painting Greetings murals across the USA,  we are continually perfecting our style, so we also updated minor details.


Sing Tao Daily – Greetings From Chinatown Mural

Letter Guide:

C - Maneki-neko cat

H - Manhattan Bridge

I - Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

N - F train and some trash (of course)

A - Box truck/ tribute to Jade BTM

T - Tsingtao Beer

O - Bootleg Louis Vuitton on Canal St.

W - Fung Wah Bus on fire

N - Nom Wah Dim Sum Parlor