1134 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917

Greetings from Knoxville, TN…  Crossing into Tennessee from Arkansas, we have officially traveled to every state in the lower 48 together in the RV!   The owners of Nothing Too Fancy (Dustin & Lisa) had reached out to us about getting a Greetings mural on their screen print shop back in 2015 when we first started the tour.  With the generous support of Visit Knoxville, we were able to finally make this project happen.  It was a great way to celebrate officially traveling all the lower states and happened to line up perfectly with our travels.

Measuring about 31′ ft wide & 19′ ft tall, this was the second largest mural we have worked on after Waterbury, CT.  We flew down our good friend Dominic Corry from New York for some assistance on this one.  Thank you again for the help and doing an amazing job on the “I” (Sunsphere) and “L” (Tennessee Theater Sign.)  Luckily, we painted right next to an awesome coffee shop, K Brew who kept us fueled for the nine days it took to complete the work.  It was great to meet all of the locals who stopped by the mural to chat.  We really hope that this project opens up the opportunity for more mural projects in Knoxville!  Check out some of the progress photos & video recap below:

We just found out about the Home Depot Pro Xtra account which keeps track of all our paint color orders over time.  Also, they offer discounts for large orders of paint over the year.  Guess it’s never too late to start and no need to keep holding on to those paint swatches.

Prior to covering up the window.  Thank you for sacrificing some natural light from your window for the sake of the mural!

Special thanks to Nothing Too Fancy for printing our first shirts as well.  If you’re in town, you should definitely check out their retail location downtown on Union Ave.  More details on the Greetings Tour shirts to come soon!



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Letter Guide:

K — Tennessee River

N — Star of Knoxville Riverboat

O — Live Music Scene in Knoxville

X — Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee

V — Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee (cont.)

I — Sunsphere

L — Tennessee Theatre Sign

L — Dogwood

E — Dogwood (cont.) Mountain Biker on Trail

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