Oahu + Maui



The original goal for the Greetings Tour was to live on the road for just one year and end our travels with a long trip to Hawaii. We thought living there would be a dream. Those plans changed after our love for full-time RV life grew and we decided to stay on the road, but we still managed to spend two weeks in Oahu and Maui. 

Our trip to Oahu in 2015, we stayed at the Moana Surfrider hotel on Wakiki Beach. We surfed, but didn’t get to eat much because we were both getting over food poisoning the first 2 days. We traveled up the island and rented out a simple studio Airbnb in the North Shore, close to where Pipe Masters was happening. We biked around the North Shore and visited places around Oahu including the Pineapple Plantation, Valley of the Temples and hiked the Lanikai Pillboxes.


We returned to Oahu fora beautiful 3 weeks to see a dream come true, to paint a mural in Hawaii! A newly renovated hotel Alohilani Resort in Waikiki Beach brought us out to create art on their property. During our down time when it wasn’t raining, we took an uber to hike Diamond Head, rented a car for a day and drove up the Windward Coast to the North Shore and relaxed in the beautiful hotel!



A short flight from Oahu and there was a whole new island to explore. We stayed in another studio Airbnb on the west side of the island and then finished off our trip at another hotel on the water in Lahaina. We were sure not to miss the Road to Hana scenic drive. We skipped most of the beginning sites and booked it to the bamboo forrest that eventually leads to a waterfall. Most people turn around after that, but we continued on the ‘back countryside’ and thought that was the best part. The next day we took a fruit tour at Ono Organic Farms where they give an in-depth explanation of their seasonal harvest while serving samples of everything.

Near the end of the trip, we drove up the volcano of Haleakala that actually makes up 75% of the island and leads to a very windy but beautiful view. From there we visited a lavender farm and ate all the shave ice we could get!

Lisa Beggs