Navajo Nation

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Navajo Nation is Native American territory covering land from New Mexico through Arizona and Utah. Lucky for visitors, the Natives give tours of their beautiful land, rich in history and sacred culture. Your anual National Park passes won't work here, and they do charge a small entrance fee going in to each site. Guided tours cost roughly $40/adult and you can't enter without them. 


Visiting this land was a longtime dream come true. Owned by Natives in Navajo Nation, Monument Valley sits on the border of Utah and Arizona. We camped at The View campground for two nights, but could have stayed much longer. They have showers and there's also a hiking trail that loops the left mitten butte connected to the campground entrance. The View also offers cabins and tent sites.


Rich in history with cliff dwellings of Ancestral Puebloan People, this serene monument celebrates the culture of our Natives. You can hike down into the caves to get a better look at how they once lived off the land thousands of years ago. We camped at their quiet free campground with maybe one other guest.


There are two separate tours you can take of Antelope Canyon, the upper or the lower tour. We chose to do the lower tour. Luckily that day wasn't too hot in the desert, but the line of tourists with iPads was pretty intense. The beauty in the canyon made it well worth it. Depending on the wait, this tour can take up to an hour in line and then an hour down in the canyon. Take plenty of water. Again, you can't enter without a paid guide and you most likely won't be able to find the entrance without one either! Check the weather before visiting, flash floods are their biggest concern.

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The viewpoint of Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ is a section of the Colorado River that twists 270 degress. It is a short drive from Antelope Canyon and then about a 20 minute sandy trail from the parking lot. This was even more breathtaking in person. 

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