Glacier is one of the most grand places in our country. No single photograph will ever do this place justice. Located in northern Montana's rocky mountains, it's remote location tends to filter out non-committed travelers. The park still has 25 active glaciers, but you might want to visit by 2030 to see them. 

Before entering the park, we camped one foggy night at Glacier Meadows outside of the west entrance. I was already amazed with the scenery, and we were only at the tip of the iceberg. Before sunrise that next morning, we got a campsite at Apgar Campground in West Glacier where we stayed for 3 nights next to shimmering Lake McDonald. Shuttle buses make stops at the campground which lessens traffic and omissions throughout the park. Note: Glacier does not allow vehicles over 21' going up the mountains for a good reason.

The main route in Glacier is called Going To The Sun Road. On the way up zig-zagging through the mountains that first time, the clouds were heavy so we were blind to the epic surrounding scenery. The clouds eventually lifted and we were both speechless. After shuttling to Logan Pass, you can get on another shuttle or chose from a few hiking options. We chose to hike (the whole way) to Hidden Lake. It's a 5.4 roundtrip hike that should be done earlier in the day to avoid crowds. We returned to our campsite and built a fire to rest our muscles.

After a day of smooth kayaking in Lake McDonald and huckleberry ice cream, we set out for another day of hiking with no concrete plans. When we got back up to Logan Pass, checked out a glacier or two and decided on the Highline Trail that runs above Going To The Sun Road. After the first 4 miles of scary but epic views, we stopped for lunch. Another 4 miles, we stopped to purchase 2L of water for $10 at the Granite Park Chalet. The last 4 tiring miles were all downhill to The Loop where we caught the last shuttle of the day.

We left Apgar campground heading east and tried to get at campsite at Many Glacier with no luck, so we stayed at Chewing Blackbone outside the park. Our last day in Glacier, we took the boat tour for a shortcut hike to Grinnell Lake. This is where we saw the most wildlife including black bears, mountain goats and a young moose taking an afternoon dip. It was late by the time we got back, so we boondocked in the parking lot at Many Glacier Hotel.