Vogue x Ralph Lauren

We teamed up with Vogue in Spring 2018 for a video shoot with Ralph Lauren. During a trip back home to New York City in February, we met the Vogue team at their offices to discuss dreams of a video shoot that we quickly made reality a month later in March.  After 2 flight cancelations due to a snow storm, we still turned around three separate murals used as backdrops for the shoot.

Greetings From Malibu

Our Greetings Tour project was a perfect match for their visions of a 'Wish You Were Here' shoot. We painted one graphic postcard image for the first location Cap d'Antibes. The second location was in progress where Victor was painting Greetings from Malibu in the background of the shoot. For the final location, we painted a classic large letter postcard style mural with one image across all of the letters, "Capri." 

Lisa Beggs