Santa Monica, CA

Greetings From Santa Monica, California! What a great way to kick off the New Year of 2019.

Ever since driving Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica in 2015, we have been dreaming of painting in this exact location. We had been scouting walls in the area and asking for permission with no luck. Fast forward 4 years, we completed our 32rd postcard mural two blocks from the Santa Monica Pier!

We began an ongoing project for Bloomingdale’s with a public mural on Colorado Ave. and 4th St. underneath their storefront sign. When they reached out to us about their Santa Monica location, there was no hesitation considering Los Angeles had been on our bucket list. More Greetings Tour designs to come in other Bloomingdale’s in Los Angeles and then hopefully throughout the country.

Los Angeles isn’t exactly all sunshine like they say. We had to extend work days into the night because of nonstop rain in the forecast. We planned it perfectly throughout the 4 days we had, without any major weather issues. Another obstacle was painting the first time without the RV! We appreciate our usual setup much more now, when all of our supplies are easily accessible from the trunk of our home on wheels. 

This was our first mural of the Greetings Tour project we started separately. Lisa was on a trip to Costa Rica, so Victor hired assistants to help with production and painting. We were extra excited to reunite and finish the mural together. Moral support and teamwork is what makes a hard days work enjoyable.


Location: 315 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Lisa Beggs