Sandusky, OH

With their bicentennial in 2018, the City of Sandusky asked us how to get their own Greetings mural as a celebration of 200 years. A few short months later, we completed our 4th mural in Ohio, this time in downtown Sanddusky on the back of the Sandusky State Theatre. This was the first commissioned mural to exist in Sandusky, and we hope it opens more opportunities to local artists in the community.

We arrived to town on an exceptionally hot September Sunday and the heat wave continued throughout the week. Fortunately, the city put us up in the Chesapeake Lofts to cool off at night. While in town, we got to check out the recommended local spots like New Sandusky Fish Company, Toft's ice cream and Mr. Smith's coffee.

Half way through the week, we got a visit from 8th grade and high school students. We did a Q&A with them inside the State Theater about the importance of public art and how we make a living from the jobs we created while seeing the country. This truly made us realize the impact our project has on future generations. Their simple questions made us re-think our objectives and how we can communicate our goals more clearly.

One of our favorite things was going out on the boat that we painted inside the "K" for the mural. Jason, one the of city board members has a friend we met named Kurt, who took us on a cruise around Lake Erie on his 1963 Lyman made right there in Sandusky. We took off at sunset with some Cameo Pizza, saw the Coal Docks and went up to the shore at Cedar Point, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World.

The city perfectly timed the completion of the mural with Oktoberfest. Sandusky knows how to shut a street down to have a celebration! Just around the corner from the mural we got to walk around historical downtown with a nice German lager. 


Sandusky Register - Mural painting begins

Sandusky Register - Stamped on wall, artistic postcard highlights Sandusky

Letter Guide:

S — Floral Clock

A — Boy and the Boot Fountain

N — Sandusky State Theater

D — Sandusky State Theater (cont)

U — First Baptist Church / Rush R. Sloane House / "Path to Freedom" Sculture

S — Lake Erie / Interlake Sailboat

K — Lyman boat

Y — Coal Docks