San Diego, CA

Greetings from North Park, San Diego! We had ourselves a blast painting in this neighborhood. Thank you Jason LeeGym Standard for the connects on getting this perfect wall location. San Diego native, Persue, was our guest artist who incorporated his well known "Bunny Kitty" into the "I" of our Greetings from San Diego mural. As always, we appreciate the support from Montana Cans for supplying the spray paint. An extra special thank you to The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association for covering the cost of supplies!

As usual, we started this one out by asking some locals for advice on what to paint into the letters. One of our favorite concepts (from Jason Lee) was a tribute to the skate culture with an iconic photo of Matt Hensley doing an ollie under the 805 (SD) freeway.  After posting a rough sketch, we quickly took out the Chargers logo since we were in town at a time when they were about to move to LA and locals were not very happy about it!  (We decided to remove the sports logos all together for licensing reasons.) One of the most suggested elements to add was a dedication to Chicano culture which is big here in San Diego being so close to the border.  We tried hard to find a local Chicano artist to help paint a traditional style mural into the "E" but because of our limited time, we had to improvise but happy with the overall results!

To celebrate the completion of the mural, we invited the San Diego Ballet to come dance in front of the Greetings from San Diego wall. Lisa had grown up dancing and studied Dance at Ohio University where she met Susan who now dances with the SD Ballet. Thank you dancers!

Local California artist, Pursue sketching out the Bunny Kitty "I" in San Diego.

According to a roller coaster club member who passed by the wall, she said that the Giant Dipper from Belmont Park featured in the "O" was one of two original wooden coasters left on the west coast.



Greetings Tour Murals - Brixton Visual Relay

The Greetings From.. tour stops by North Park

Letter Guide: 

S – Hotel del Coronado

A – Coronado Bridge

N – Matt Hensley ollie on overpass (Photo: Daniel Harold Sturt)

D – Sunset Cliffs

I – Persue "Bunny Kitty"

E – American flag, Mexican flag

G – Balboa Park

O – Giant Dipper, Belmont Park