Please see our PDF deck link below which covers most commonly asked questions about the Greetings Tour:

Download PDF: Greetings Tour Information Deck


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As of January 2019, our project minimums start at $25,000 (USD) which includes:

  • Up to 5 large letters and 5 unique images throughout the letters

  • Each additional letter after the 5th is an extra $500*

  • Wall sizes up to 30' ft wide x 15' ft tall

  • Concept sketch with up to 2 revisions included

  • Artist & assistant labor (up to 5 days)

  • Photography documentation

  • Promotion through our social media networks


Each additional unique image after the 5th is an extra $1,000*.  The reason for the added cost is because we are actually painting mini murals within a larger mural.

*Note: Unique images can be stretched across multiple adjacent letters

Visual examples from past projects:

US NAVAL (7 Letters & 5 Unique Images) - $26,000

Greetings from Liberty Station

Greetings from Liberty Station

WATERBURY (9 Letters & 8 Unique Images) - $30,000

Video Documentation:

For an additional $2,500 we can offer a video recap of the mural process along with branding for client usage like the example below:

Additional Cost Factors:

  • Travel & Accommodations

  • Scissor Lifts (12 ft.+ high walls)

  • Per Diem

  • Wall Preparation (Pressure washing & Priming)

Live Painting for Events:

1-3 days of live featured artist painting (including prep work) on canvases up to 20' ft wide x 8' ft tall starts at $15,000.  Please contact for more information.