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Victor Ving is a mural & graffiti artist for hire traveling the United States on the Greetings Tour with his girlfriend Lisa Beggs.  Together, the duo has painted murals in multiple cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, San Diego, Tucson, Cleveland and El Paso to name a few.  His background as a graffiti & street artist allows him to create murals using spray paint very efficiently.  Touring in their RV, Victor’s goal is to eventually create murals in all 50 states.  He is also available for commission work throughout the country on his travels.  See a select portfolio of the past murals he has painted on the Greetings Tour since the project started in 2015.


Using primarily spray paint and a little bit of traditional brush work at times, the murals are created within 1-5 days depending on the level of detail.  He welcomes collaborations with local graffiti & street artists by providing them with a letter to paint in each city. You can see a video about the Greetings Tour project below from Live A Great Story:

The Greetings From Chicago Mural was one of the first murals created on the tour in 2015 and receives a lot of attention on social media and even has it’s own location with reviews.  Everyday, you can find people posting photos of the mural with hashtags and mentions of @greetingstour.  Below is an image of the local news filming Victor during the mural painting process in Chicago, IL.

Filming Process of Mural

Chicago News Reporter

In Orlando, Florida, we had the mayor of the city (Buddy Dyer) actually stopped his car on his morning commute to come out and thank Victor & Lisa for doing the mural.

Greetings from Orlando

Mayor Buddy Dyer at the Greetings From Orlando Mural

The Greetings From Seattle mural was the first on the West Coast completed in 2015.  During the process, Victor met many local graffiti & street artists who connected with him due to his roots in that culture.  Here’s a photo of an onlooker checking out the painting process.

Seattle Mural Progress

Greetings from Seattle Progress

Often times, clients will reach out to the Greetings Tour to paint live for events such as music festivals and conventions.  Past projects have included signage for GovBallNYC, live painting at Bumbershoot Music Festival in Seattle, Washington, an interactive mural for Firefly Music Festival for festival attendees to pose in front of for photo ops as well as an entrance mural for an event in Downtown Los Angeles for the Airbnb Open Festival.

Seattle Music Festival

Photo Ops During Live Painting in Seattle, WA

Lisa Beggs’ documentation of the spray paint art process also includes short videos and time lapses that can be provided to clients after the project is completed. Below is a mural video she put together for the recent Tucson, AZ mural:

In addition to the Greetings Tour project, Victor has a full time job running Klughaus and Graffiti USA which are mural agencies providing artists for commissioned mural, graffiti & street art work all over the country.  In addition to the public art murals, Ving has painted commissioned work for corporate clients including LinkedIn, ABC News Nightline as well as small businesses like Emporium Arcade Bar (Chicago) located in the neighborhoods of the public Greetings Tour murals.  Below are some examples of graffiti for hire work by Victor.

More information about Graffiti USA can be found below:

Here’s an example of the commission piece by Victor Ving for the ABC News Nightline Studios in New York City.  During the painting process, he was interviewed by Juju Chang for an October 8th, 2014 segment that appeared on Nightline.

Victor Ving Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti by Victor Ving