Mural artist, Victor Ving, and photographer, Lisa Beggs, have been on a cross-country road trip in their RV creating interactive murals that will become future landmarks. The ‘Greetings Tour’ seeks to create public art that will capture the pride of local residents for their hometowns and spark the interest of visitors and tourists. The two artists have been traveling select cities throughout the United States since April 2015 documenting and painting murals inspired by vintage large-letter postcards. Their ultimate goal is to complete murals in all 50 states.

The classic “Large Letter” postcard from the 30’s-50’s features the name of a city with different images of landmarks from that particular city in each of the letters. The postcard inspired murals that will be painted by The Greetings Tour will use spray paint as a medium to showcase modern or perhaps even undiscovered landmarks as well as historical elements from the cities they visit.

Lisa and Victor packed their city lives into an RV to travel from city to city creating their artwork. At each stop, Lisa’s photography and insider knowledge from locals will serve as reference for letters in the mural given back to the cities. Local artists and businesses will be invited to collaborate.  Relevant sponsors can be creatively incorporated into each mural as well.  After each mural is complete, the documented story will be shared through social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and blog posts. The entire project will eventually be compiled into a comprehensive publication with a series of linen postcards and prints.

Mural Map:


The Artists

Victor Ving is a former NYC graffiti artist who now utilizes his aerosol art experience to create public murals for local communities. He is one of the co-owners of Klughaus Gallery and Graffiti USA art agencies.

Photographer Lisa Beggs was born and raised in Ohio. Upon graduating from Ohio University for Commercial Photography and Dance, she moved to New York City where she began shooting. Lisa’s portfolio can be found on her website.

Lisa Beggs & Victor Ving

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